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Player's Name

  • FALL Football: $150.00
  • Cheer: $200.00

  •  Spring Tackle $100.00 
  •  Basketball: $125.00
  •  Boxing: $20.00 
*Excepting Cash or Check w/#
Please read the following and sign below: 

The player listed above, has permission to participate in the DMV Knights sports club for the 2016 season. I hereby 
authorize the coach(s) accompanying the team to seek immediate medical treatment for the player listed above, if a 
medical emergency arises while on the way to, returning from, or during any practice, scrimmage or game, in which the 
team participates. I further authorize the attending physician to perform any emergency treatment necessary, after 
consultation with the coach, if I cannot be reached. The parent/guardian, by executing this registration for and on behalf 
of the named participant, represents that they are unaware of any physical or mental impediment that would cause 
injury or harm to the participant or others by said participant’s participation in the activities of theDMV Knights 
sports club. Due to the strenuous nature of some activities, the player is encouraged to have a physical exam prior to 
registration. Since all activities present certain inherent and/or inadvertent risks and hazards, known and acknowledged 
by the undersigned, they, parent/guardian, by their execution hereof, approve participant’s participation and assume all 
liability incident to said minor’s participation. We hereby agree to said and indemnity and keep harmless the DMV 
Knights, GMYFL and their athletic staffs, agents and volunteers against any liability, claims and demands for damages 
arising as a result of injuries sustained by the player or as a result of participation in the DMV Knights sports club 
and the GMYFL unless due to willful fault or gross neglect on the part of the aforementioned parties. In addition 
We, the undersigned, certify that all information listed above is correct to the best of our knowledge. We agree to 
return issued equipment in good, clean condition at the end of the player’s season. We will be responsible for lost, 
abused or non-returned items by monetary reimbursement. We hereby agree to abide by all rules set forth by the 
Greater Metropolitan Youth Football League (GMYFL) and the DMV Knights Sports Club.
Return registration form and cash/check (payable to the DMV Knights Sports Club & Cheer). 
*Excepting Cash or Check w/#
2016 Season - Registration Form